Their Works Will Come To Nothing

The anti-politics side of neoreaction is hard for people to grasp in our current context. People tend to think of good things as resulting from some kind of activist energy bringing it together. The opposite of this do-somethingism is neoreaction’s passivism, its belief in entropy:  things will inevitably flow a certain way if the foot is taken off the gas.

For example, subsidies for single mothers and no-fault divorce hold together the ~70 percent single motherhood rate in parts of Northeast DC, where I live. This is the closest thing to a smashed patriarchy we have – it’s dented at the very least.

Without such political energy, as well as the not-strictly-political but still irrational cultural trends like alternative family structures being fashionable, this all falls apart. Reality comes crashing, and people are forced to rediscover healthy family structures. The fact remains, however: social entropy can’t be beaten. A return to patriarchy only requires a relief from politics and the (probably painful) correction that follows.

White males have high-paid Silicon Valley jobs in the absence of this kind of energy. All they had to do was be smart, be productive and mind their own business. This naturally makes the blood of New York Magazine types boil, so now we have the #WomenInTech meme to try to remedy this supposedly horrible state of affairs.

“Diversity consultant” is a thing, by the way. But the tech industry was booming before we had people who supplicate the equality spirits for a living, and it will probably continue to boom when they’re gone. Rule of thumb: if your need a hashtag to continue your existence, you aren’t going to exist for long. Capitalists like bragging to their friends about their investments supporting the things we’re supposed to be down with, but even more than that they like their investments making money. The folly of this line of attack can be generalized to all activism:  it’s just an appeal to the sentiments of the powerful.

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Few of them will admit it, but the social order that left-wingers prefer is held together by smashy energy that is fighting a Sisyphean uphill battle.

We can see a pretty successful attempt to smash capitalism in Venezuela – we know it’s successful because the government has smashed capitalism so thoroughly that it can’t even supply toilet paper to their citizens. They even tried extending their smashing to the subsequent breadlines by pulling people out of them based on numbers on their ID cards.

This example is pretty good for demonstrating the spiral of absurdity that smashy types are forced to go down: Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro blamed the lines on “economic warfare promoted right-wing sectors” of the country. That’s weird, since economies that are actually run by right-wingers don’t need to blame “left-wing sectors” for breadlines, mostly due to the fact that breadlines are nonexistent, no smashing required. But hey, maybe it’s just that even more energy needs to be applied?

This is the kind of flat-out denial of reality that you’ll usually get from from lefties. You can, however, find cases of left-wing sobriety in odd places. Leon Trotsky’s idea of permanent revolution was basically that the energy that brought about the revolution in the first place needs to be sustained indefinitely to perpetuate the social order preferred by revolutionaries. Revolution cannot be a set-it-and-forget-it thing when it’s a revolt against the laws of reality.

A piece of feminist literature known as The Dialectic of Sex is similarly refreshing. The author recognizes the reality of essential gender differences, but is so inexplicably obsessed with a desire for equality that her prescription is to abolish pregnancy and grow genderless humans in Brave New World-style machines. (Woman on the Edge of Time kind of said the same thing, but it’s badly-written Mary Suetopia sci-fi that isn’t worth reading like The Dialectic of Sex is. Both authors are probably insane though.)

The contemporary right, even and perhaps especially the alt-right, is distinguished from neoreaction on the most basic level by the fact that they support the application of political energy, too. They even go as far as co-opting the phraseology – “smash capitalism” and “smash the patriarchy” are substituted with “smash the state” and “smash cultural Marxism.”

But trying to beat the left on its own turf doesn’t make sense for two reasons: you’ll look like a doofus since they have sovereignty over their turf’s memes, and their turf is the space of things that will inevitably fail.

Updated: October 9, 2020 — 8:16 am
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