Future Things

Daniel Clowes did it first, but I have future predictions of my own:

  • We will be ashamed for ever believing the things we currently think are cool were ever, in fact, cool.
  • Many computers will choose to convert to Catholicism.
  • Furries will routinely use gene therapy to become more like their animal-esque personas
  • Desire modification will become really common and confusing. People already modify their desire to desire sex (aphrodisiacs) and desire to not desire drugs (rehab.) But thanks to advances in neuroscience, people in the future will be modifying their desire to desire to desire to desire…
  • In an effort to stave off nihilism, many people will use brain implants to force themselves to faithfully mimic the behavior/memes of their ancestors.
  • In the wake of the collapse of earlier revenue models, pornography and advertisements will overlap. When seeing a commercial, viewers will have an option to watch the actors in the commercial have sex as an alternate ending (18+ only). Mattress commercials are the obvious low-hanging fruit here.
  • Virtual reality will make anime real, and new sexual orientations will be made to accommodate people who maintain virtual relationships with their perfect waifus.
  • Smart contracts and robotic enforcement will make property far more sovereign (immune to politics) than it’s ever been. There will also be corporations that are operated by literally nobody, just artificial intelligence.

It’s gonna be pretty crazy.

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Updated: October 9, 2020 — 8:22 am
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