Given How Dumb Our Democracy Is Kids Might As Well Vote

Lord help me, I think I agree with a Vox article.

The wonky, smug liberal rag birthed by dweeb Ezra Klein is well-known for its clickbaity style that masquerades as journalism. From arguing that the American Revolution was a mistake to claiming that Hong Kong protesters used the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture without evidence, Vox publishes Salon-style retardation without the depravity.

But by golly, they might be onto something with one of their recent shock pieces.

I’m talking about executive editor and sartorial ignoramus Matt Yglesias’ case for “letting children vote.” There is no good reason for disallowing children to vote for public officials, Yglesias argues. “It’s time to do away with another taboo,” he declares, “and start letting people vote regardless of age.”

I know the proposition sounds insane. Voting should be a privilege conferred on responsible, property tax-paying adults. It’s not a right. And it’s not a ticket to the welfare trough, as many leftists seem to think.

As a practical matter alone, letting children vote would be a disaster. Kids are regular people without reason. That means they think with their feelings, and put themselves first in everything. Notions of self-sacrifice, deferred gratification, and patriotism mean nothing to their developing brains.

If children were given access to the ballot box, it would spell the end for our Republic. They would vote themselves more free goodies than Bernie Sanders could dream up. Their demands would swell the national debt to the point of bankruptcy.

In other words, allowing kids to vote would accelerate us down the disastrous path our country is already on.

But hold on a minute – if letting kids vote will balloon the debt to unheard of levels, why should that stop them? It’s not like current voters give a hoot about our piss-poor finances. Any time spending cuts are proposed in Congress, hysteria follows. American adults have shown themselves to be just as fiscally myopic as children when they go to the polls. Why should children be punished for doing that exact same thing as the rest of the populace?

As libertarian theorist Hans-Hermann Hoppe shows in his book, Democracy: The God That Failed, democracies incentivize high time preferences among the citizenry. If you can vote yourself welfare subsidies, you’re more likely to do so. There’s a reason our country has an $18 trillion debt, and it’s not the just the fault of the political class. If voters truly wanted to pull the nation back from the brink of insolvency, they would elect more budget hawks. Instead, they put tough-talkers in office who refuse to cut a penny from spending.

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Immaturity doesn’t just reign in the area of dollars and cents. When it comes to social issues, America has cashed out its brains and given in to hopeless stupidity. For this bankrupting of the mind, we can thank academia. Ivory Tower proselytizers (not intellectuals) have convinced a majority of the public that morality is subjective and formed by personal desire alone. Full-grown adults have adopted a fantastical view of themselves and have regressed to playing pretend.

You can witness this disturbing denial of reality in the transgendered movement, and all its disturbing offshoots. “Nothing speaks more profoundly to the crisis of character than the phrase, ‘I identify as…’ writes spiked editor Brendan O’Neill. Americans used to have a grasp on what it meant to be a man or woman working within the system to achieve a decent life. That sense of stability has been thrown out of whack by the pervasive idea that identity can be altered by whim. “What’s new today, O’Neill says, “is that identity has become an incredibly subjective phenomenon.” Men pretend they are women. People pretend they are animals. Whites pretend they are black.

Mature acceptance of your lot in life has given way to make-believe. While children pretend to be superheroes, American adults pretend to be other sexes, genders, and species. If there is any discernible difference between the behaviors, I’ve yet to find it.

Finally, there is the perilous state of higher education. Thomas Jefferson once remarked that “the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowlege (sic) among the people.” Today, students actively hide from knowledge, convinced that certain facts disrupt their sense of being. They refuse to listen to speakers who don’t hold their selfsame views. They retreat to safe spaces in order to shield themselves from uncomfortable thoughts. And when confronted with differing opinions, they explode in a rage of petulant shrieking that resembles a child being denied of his sucker.

The refusal to be fiscally responsible. The avoidance of differing views. The demand for safety and comfort at all times.

American voters have embraced all these characteristics. They have given up on doing what’s best for the nation’s long-term viability. They pilfer the national treasury. They disregard the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. They refuse to accept hardship as a means for improvement.

In sum, America refuses to grow up. We live in a country where adults care more about tattling to the HR department than getting the job done, and play dress-up on the weekends. It’s no wonder, then, that they support gibberish-talking robots like Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton.

To paraphrase Tyler Durden, on a long enough time line, the mean age in a liberal democracy falls to zero. We’ve reached a point where the average American voter is no wiser than the average American toddler. Yglesias is right: What’s the harm in letting kids vote? Our politics can’t get any stupider than it is now.

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