Month: September 2015

Power Word Blackface


Movement conservatives have this thing that they do whenever someone is questioning the latest steps toward military aggression. They compare it to appeasing Hitler, because Hitler was appeased and Hitler was bad. So like a lawyer making his closing arguments to a jury, they say, “But what about… WORLD WAR TWO!?” I call this Power Word: […]

Autonomous Cities Can Solve The Refugee Crisis

Autonomous cities can solve the refugee crisis

The Freeman was kind enough to publish my piece on autonomous cities having the ability to solve the refugee crisis. I try to gently poke those discussing the idea, namely Jason Buzi and his Refugee Nation, and more importantly, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris and his attempt to buy a Greek island, to consider the governance […]

Black Rock Rangers A Case Study Of Private Police

black rock rangers

BLACK ROCK RANGERS: A CASE STUDY OF PRIVATE POLICE One of the primary critiques of private cities is how private police would act. Would police be responsive to powerful interests or would they act in favor of justice and dispute resolution. The Black Rock Rangers at Burning Man offer a glimpse as to how police might act in a private city. […]

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