Month: July 2015

Whats Behind The Cuckservative Phenomenon A Reply To Ace

Whats Behind The Cuckservative Phenomenon A Replay To Ace

WHAT’S BEHIND THE #CUCKSERVATIVE PHENOMENON? A REPLY TO ACE Thanks to assists by Eric Erickson, HotAir, the Daily Beast, the New Republic, Buzzfeed, and the Washington Post, the term cuckservative is probably here to stay: The hashtag shows a steadier increase: A week after Eric Erickson first tweeted about it, twice as many people per day were using the word. The question now […]

Secession Lagniappe 26

Grab-bag of pieces on the Civil War and reasons for Southern secession. How the South skews America Buchanan on civil disobedience in polarized times Brief and nothing new here, but linking anyway:  The United States of Secession Amidst all the recent pieces on American cultural fault lines (see last lagniappe as well), I’m linking to an interesting one from back in 2013.  Here’s […]

When We Worry About Our Persecutors


A few weeks ago, the image of Charleston shooter Dylann Roof standing in his cell with two armed guards behind him was live-streamed to the courtroom occupied by the family, which was in turn broadcasted to news networks. Something kind of amazing happened. The teary-faced family members forgave him, and in fact said that they were […]

The History Of Left Libertarianism

The History Of Left Libertarianism

It’s not easy to talk about left-libertarianism. These days most people still associate libertarianism with the right, and the fact that most left-libertarians identify as anarchist must confuse those not too aware of political philosophy; one might think that think left-libertarians are another kind of collectivist anarchists. I would to start by quoting perhaps the most well-known left-libertarian […]

The Socialist Case For Gun Rights

The Socialist Case For Gun Rights

THE SOCIALIST CASE FOR GUN RIGHTS The surprise of this primary season is probably Bernie Sanders. The independent Senator from Vermont who calls himself as a democratic socialist and is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination is doing very well in polls, drawing large crowds to his events, and has even raised considerable funds for a politician who relies on small donors. Some […]

Dig Up Woodrow Wilsons Bones And Hang Em

WHY THE NATIONAL CATHEDRAL MUST EXHUME WOODROW WILS To the Dean of the National Cathedral, the Very Rev. Gary Hall, It is my understanding that you have advised the Episcopal Church to replace the windows installed in 1953 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, in honor of Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. I will not criticize this decision. […]

Guest Lineup For The Mike Church Show Monday July 13

I’ll be filling in for Mike again on Monday morning, on Sirius XM Patriot 125, tune in! Here’s the plan: 6:30 AM: Michael Cutler, former INS agent 7:00 AM: Daily Caller hour with Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross, and Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Erica Wenig, and Kevin Glass of Bloggingheads and the Franklin Center Read : Power Word Blackface […]

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