Magicians Of The Outer Right

It’s a common error to think that mystics and magicians are generally liberals or leftists. At least in America.

Most Boomer Americans, monolingual, insulated from the rest of the world and from history, associate “magick” with hippies, the “60s”, Tim Leary, pot and acid, and sexual freedom. When they think about it at all which isn’t often, these days. Most younger Americans don’t think about it at all, being too busy sexting, face booking and in other ways competing for visible status. Ritual, programmed self-hypnosis and other inner work are less common now, since they don’t yield outward signs of wealth or cool.

At least not right away.

I don’t know as much about Europe directly, but my impression is that there’s bit more attention to these subjects still, especially in Eastern Europe, and across the age groups. But as a rapidly shrinking population of young people plugs in, turns on and tweets out, I suppose the same thing is happening there, too.

In truth, ritual magick, symbolic meditation and related practices have always been the tool of a tiny, cognitive elite, in all societies and across all civilizations. They’re simply too difficult, too esoteric, too scary and too uncertain. And while I jest about status-signaling today, it’s always been important to most people, and occult practices have never brought the kind of status boost that killing the biggest buffalo, having the biggest automobile or (nowadays) being the biggest “victim” did.

Status competition takes place even in the coldly rational (heh) webspace of the Alt/New/Outer/NRx Right, it seems. When some people declared a putsch in the Neoreaction just the other day, it certainly set off some /fringe/ characters, and assorted vitriol followed. I’m sure this surprised no one involved, as they seem to be looking several moves ahead like good chess masters. Part of the reason for the whole coup was drama reduction, but first the pent-up drama demand had to be satisfied.

The part that especially intrigued me, being of somewhat unusual intellectual interests, was the discovery of some “Aryan Wizards” or, at least, some guys who post on 8chan (no direct link here, folks. Follow the previous and Enter at your own Risk) claiming to be magick-ians involved in some kind of longer-term project to Immanetize the Eschaton. Or perhaps that’s just my take. But one thing I’ve learned–it’s a whole lot easier to post about this sort of thing, than to do.

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It all got me searching for this earlier post of Land’s, where he explicates:

For the purposes of this post, an exceptionally exotic /pol/ suggestion provides the opportunity to make a comparatively compact and simple point. The occasion is a web of conjecture weaving together Xenosystems and The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, or omega9alpha). In addition to the (highly-recommended) link just provided, the relevant Wikipedia entry is also extremely stimulating.

Xenosystems micro-ethics is uncomfortable with soliciting belief (or invoking expectations of trust). It is necessary to note at this point, therefore, that the following remarks are not designed to appeal to credence, but merely to add testimonial information, to be accepted or rejected at will. In the world we now enter — of “sinister dialectic” — declarations of honesty are utterly debased. However, for what (little) it is worth, these are the facts as I understand and relay them.

Then, there’s this:

The point of this post (finally) is taken directly from Aleister Crowley. In the compilation of his qabbalistic writings entitled 777 (Alphanomic equivalent of Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, although that is surely coincidental), he makes some introductory remarks on the topic of hermeticism. My copy of the book is temporarily misplaced, so I shall gloss them here. A secret, of the kind relevant to hermeticism, is not something known and then hidden as a matter of decision, but rather something that by its very nature resists revelation. Crowley proceeds to mock charlatan occultists who treat the numerical values of the Hebrew letters as secret information, to be revealed theatrically at some appropriate stage of initiation. Let whatever can now be known, be known, as lucidly and publicly as possible. Only that is truly hermetic which hides itself. Reality is not so destitute of intrinsically hidden things — of Integral Obscurity — that we need to replenish its coffers with our tawdry discretion.

I note that a web search finds not only Land’s link to a briefing, but a good number of other sites that provide all the foundational documents of ONA, and its putative links all the way back to the Hellenic Mysteries and other ancient occult traditions.

If I may come now at this from a slightly different angle, I just finished an interesting biography of Allen Dulles, perhaps not the best, or the deepest work about him, but holistic. The CIA was not “secret” of course, but their best and most successful operations (and least successful, for that matter) generally stayed secret from the public for many years after the fact. One of the longest lasting was Operation Gladio (and other “stay behind” paramilitary organizations in almost all European nations).

If you have time, you may enjoy this; near the end of the notes:

[the] covert group would essentially be a honeytrap, to attract non-political people who might be or who had the potential to be useful to the cause even if, or especially if, they had to be ‘blackmailed’ or persuaded into doing so at some future time…

Aryan Wizards, beware, lest you enter the Wilderness of Mirrors 

At the end of Land’s post, he links here: “Something in the water?” I believe I’m the one who pointed out the Jules Evans piece, which explains why Boomers are at least weakly aware that there are magicians out there, and they’re probably liberals, like all rock stars. Right? Which brings us back to the beginning of this post, a completed spiral.

There are parts of the picture that deserve a deeper treatment, in relation to the current scene on the Right. Having reached a thousand words, I pause here.

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