Month: May 2015

The Alignment Of Political Media Updated

The Alignment of poliitical media updated

Several months ago I put together a chart trying to estimate where media institutions lie on the political spectrum and reasonability spectrum. As a refresher: The Y axis is has publications that are more reasonable/restrained up top and bombastic/insane lower. The X axis is left-right. I added The Daily Signal, New York Post, Spiked, IJ […]

Ireland First With The United States Not Far Behind


IRELAND FIRST, WITH THE UNITED STATES NOT FAR BEHIND Thanks for nothing, Ireland. Your people are the first in the West to approve of same-sex marriage through the ballot box. And with it, you’ve continued the social revolution – I don’t mince words when I say “revolution” – that is surely to be affirmed by the United States […]

Winter In Black America

Winter In Black America

Few had the insight into that peculiar experience that is the Black American experience that Gil Scott Heron possessed. He died May 2011 and the social networks were abuzz with people who likely heard none of his music, and if they did, understood little of it. Mr. Scott knew the Blues and understood Jazz, which means he […]

Localist Linkfest 3

…over on the porch. Also, I’ll be filling in for Mike Church, for real this time, on Friday. Will have Rod Dreher on to talk Benedict Option, other guests to be confirmed soon. Read : Why A Libertarian Nobel Prize Winner Is In Favor Of Free College

The Slave Morality Of Sexual Liberation

The Slave Morality Of Sexual Liberation

In Lenin’s time, a considerable number of young Marxists eagerly awaited a post-revolutionary society where getting sex would be really really easy: Youth’s altered attitude to questions of sex is of course ‘fundamental’, and based on theory. Many people call it ‘revolutionary’ and ‘communist’. They sincerely believe that this is so. I am an old man, […]

Is Bernie Sanders A Socialist

IS BERNIE SANDERS A SOCIALIST? Editor’s note: The following is an extended version of the comments quoted by Damon Linker in the Week. For less sympathetic coverage of Sanders, see Peter Dreier at HuffPo and Michael Kazin at Slate. C-SPAN will air the National Press Club event on Jack’s new book this Sunday at 6:45 Eastern, 3:45 Pacific, but the full video […]

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