Month: April 2015

Indianas Religion Law And Liberal Lefts Intolerance

Indianas Religion Law And Liberal Lefts Intolerance

Not long ago, I noted in the Press and Journal that the cultural clash over same-sex marriage was won. The side in favor gay nuptials was victorious. Cultural conservatives, for all the ire and fist-shaking, lost the fight for traditional marriage in America. The best we could hope for was, as New York Times columnist Ross Douthat put it, the […]

The Analog Option

Michael Gibson has written an interesting post on “How to end bad governance.” The argument is that “The diffusion of the smartphone, strong crytpography, and peer-to-peer decentralized public ledgers will weld individuals, networks and voluntary hierarchies into single units of sovereign power capable of opt-out and opt-in governance without precedent.” Unfortunately, I do not think […]

Secession Lagniappe 23

Secession Lagniappe 23

Yemen has been home to secessionist sentiment ever since its reunification following the Cold War in 1990.  See Chris Roth for more background here and here.  Now it is deteriorating. The Shia Houthi rebels of the north have made large gains in the last few weeks, claiming most of Taiz, the country’s third largest city.  Saudi Arabia has entered the […]

Christians In The Closet

Ace points us to this Rod Dreher account of his interview with a “deeply closeted” Christian professor at an “elite law school.” It’s long, but worth it, if you like that feeling of wanting to punch someone in the mouth. “The sad thing,” he said, “is that the old ways of aspiring to truth, seeing all knowledge as […]

Georgism And Proprietary Cities

The Economist’s newest issue is dedicated to urban land and space. The most widely accepted critique of Piketty is based on the importance of land in inequality. Henry George is proposed as a solution to Silicon Valley’s housing woes. The common thread to these ideas is, well, Henry George. George is a figure who is very difficult to describe in modern terms. […]

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