Month: April 2015

Response To Romer On Private Cities

Paul Romer has commented skeptically on private cities in two recent interviews. Having written on private cities I thought I would take a second to respond. First, in his own words “And my rule is that I will not support any public policy initiative for a new city if it is not the kind of place that I would be […]

Religious Liberty Does Not Apply To Conservatives

Religious Liberty Does Not Apply To Conservatives

From the 1660s until the revolution, American colonists burned effigies of the pope yearly. Loyalist officials were accused of promoting “the Popish religion.” Most colonists would have regarded the public display of crosses suspiciously. There were Catholic signers of the Declaration of Independence, as well as others who spoke out in favor of tolerating them; George Washington himself cracked down […]

A House United

A House United

A castle which stands upon nothing at allSeen by those walking quickly byIn a shadow of its great monstranceThey dare speak not ill, but fully serveA meal given of our last substanceTo the hungry birds, poor and ravenousMen in lines and cues, black and whiteGiven without measure, Given without measure,Men in lines and cues, black […]

Secession Lagniappe 24

The Economist thinks Kurdistan draws near and defends their right to secede while recognizing their already near-independent status.  Here is the bottom-line: Iraqi Kurdistan exists, in whatever form, in dangerous and shifting surroundings. But that has been the case since 1991, when it first got extreme autonomy, thanks to the no-fly zone imposed by America and its allies. Since […]

Bootleggers And Baptists: Cannabis Edition

bootleggers and baptists

Last month in Garden City, Kansas, an 11-year-old boy was detained by police after speaking up during a talk by a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) police officer about cannabis. His mother, as it turns out, is one Shona Banda, who has spent years advocating for the medicinal use of the drug, and after her […]

The Age Of Exit

I wrote a piece for the Freeman arguing that we are in The Age of Exit. Instead of ideological battles, the 21st century will be defined by political decentralization. Rather than enforcing a single political model as ideal for all of humanity, people will instead choose from a sort of political menu. Political decisions will be […]

Vince Gilligans Critique Of Rationalism

Vince Gilligans Critique Of Rationalism

The following guest post is by Jon Bishop, who writes from Massachusetts. His essays, fiction, and reviews have appeared in such publications as Boston Literary Magazine, Ethika Politika, PJ Media, Millennial, FreightTrain Magazine, and the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. I’m just going to come right out with it: Vince Gilligan is the most thoughtful person […]

Good Targets For The Trolling Contest

Good targets for the trolling contest

GOOD TARGETS FOR THE TROLLING CONTEST Last month we announced our trolling contest. Wondering who to skewer with satire? Here are some links to the submission section of publications: Slate Thought Catalog The New Inquiry Jacobin PolicyMic Salon The Huffington Post Everyday Feminism Mother Jones xoJane Feministing Tech/Gaming Websites (#gamergate!) The Verge Ars Technica Polygon Gamasatru […]

Market Nudges And Discrimination

Market Nudges and discrimination

When it comes to the corporate version of systematic discrimination, the type based on preference for gender, sexual orientation, race, or some other generalized variable, businesses can employ the practice in two main ways.  Labor discrimination refers to employment preferences on said grounds.  On the other side of the spectrum, discrimination can also manifest in […]

The Socialist Party And The Old Right

The text of my talk last night at the National Press Club is now online over on the Porch, here’s some of it: Greetings. As the token conservative on the panel, I intend to get to what the Socialist Party has to say to us, but I’d like to begin, true to form, by complaining about the […]

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