Secession Lagniappe 16

Catalonia’s unofficial referendum has 81 percent voting for independence according to preliminary reports, though many pro-Madrid groups boycotted it. The government also moved in a significant amount of military assets prior to the vote. How Madrid is making things worse.

California + Oregon + Washington = Cascadia. Secede & instantly become Scandinavia of North America: prosperous, sustainable, liberal.

— David Roberts (@drgrist) November 5, 2014

Go read that whole thread, it’s a nice overview of progressives’ ambiguous feelings about secession.

Don Gonyea:

Well, for the Republicans, they are in their best position in the states in a century. For Democrats, they’re in their worst position since something called the Civil War.

The North-South divide is deepening

Marriage and union membership

Why the GOP should embrace Rand Paul’s “conservative realist” foreign policy

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Hawaiian restoration activists are continuing to hold the bootlicking Office of Hawaiian Affairs accountable

Independent joins the Arlington County Board

Secessionist joins the Anne Arundel County Board

Left-wing secessionist calls for Portland to leave Maine

Interesting New York partition thread

Ed Sebesta gets quoted in this story on UDC renting a Richmond church

Matthew McConaughey signs on for a movie about the Free State of Jones

Malibu wants its own school district

Rod Dreher: “No bishop will die for religious liberty“

Patrick Deneen in Cato Unbound:

Those Christians and other religious believers who resist the spirit of the age will be persecuted – not by being thrown to lions in the Coliseum, but by judicial, administrative, and legal marginalization.  They will lose many of the institutions that they built to help the poor, the marginalized, the weak, and the disinherited.  But finding themselves in the new imperium will call out new forms of living the Christian witness.  They will live in the favelas, providing care for body and soul that cannot not be provided by either the state or the market.  Like the early Church, they will live in a distinct way from the way of the empire, and their way of life will draw those who perhaps didn’t realize that this was what Christianity was, all along.  When the liberal ideology collapses – as it will – the Church will remain, the gates of Hell not prevailing against it.


Greenland independence looking more likely?

Australian neighborhood holds independence festival

Ukrainian government ceasing funding to Donbas

Libyan rebels call for secession

A wonderful essay about religious tensions in Tonga

Dr. Strangelove was a documentary

CPC threatens party officials loyal to the Dalai Lama

PressTV on Venetian secession

Gibraltar requests greater British military presence, defence secretary demurs

Iranian Azerbaijanis as a source of separatism

CNBC guest forgets Ireland isn’t part of the U.K.

Surprisingly positive coverage of the FN in the Brown Political Review


Klan claims it’s opening its doors to Jews, Hispanics, black people and gays

Why do we still care about the Confederate flag?

Wacky new ager secession book

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