Month: November 2014

Private Cities And Public Places

Have you heard the old libertarian joke?  It goes like this.  Should heroin sales to minors be legal on public sidewalks?  The libertarian responds, why are there public sidewalks?  The libertarian answer captures a certain truth.  Conflict arises when spheres of action, the set of actions deemed by others as reasonable, are ill defined.  Private […]

Keep Digging Isi Employee Stephen Herreid Doubles Down On Character Assassination

Keep digging: ISI employee Stephen Herreid doubles down on character assassination Grand inquisitor, Intercollegiate Studies Institute employee, and amateur blues musician Stephen Herreid feels very threatened that I said he should apologize to Artur Rosman for this disgusting post, so he decided to publish my email to him and insinuate that I’m guilty of conservative treason. You can […]

Occam And Me Jfk 911

(Thank you very much to J. Arthur Bloom, Prop. for the opportunity to write for The Mitrailleuse. My personal blog is Neoreaction in the Diamond Age) The first reference to Occam’s Razor I ever saw, age 12, was in Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel, which sent me to the encyclopedia (and yes, I’m that old), because who could […]

We Should Send The Swiss To Space

We Should Send The Swiss To Space

I started a new blog with a couple of my fellow George Mason PhD students and friends. Well, they started it, I tagged along. You know it’s going to be awesome because of the name, Calculus of Dissent. The blog will be a bit more technical and academic oriented than here, focusing on our research. Given […]

Daniel Clowes On Modernism

DANIEL CLOWES ON THE MODERN WORLD’S TRAJECTORY This is from Eightball issue 04. It’s obviously tongue-in-cheek, but some of the things are eerily spot on. There’s totally at least those two kinds of 50’s revival. Here’s to hoping that he’s also right about Hide the Salami. Read : Private Cities And Public Places

Secession Lagniappe 16

Secession Lagniappe 16

Catalonia’s unofficial referendum has 81 percent voting for independence according to preliminary reports, though many pro-Madrid groups boycotted it. The government also moved in a significant amount of military assets prior to the vote. How Madrid is making things worse. California + Oregon + Washington = Cascadia. Secede & instantly become Scandinavia of North America: prosperous, sustainable, liberal. — David Roberts […]

Not That Kind Of Bonfire Of The Vanities

Not That Kind Of Bonfire Of The Vanities

Hoo boy, is that Lena Dunham a laugh riot or what? The lifelong paragon of wholesome living has upped the ante of revealing Millennial self-expression with her latest round of oversharing buried within the pages of her latest offering, Not That Kind of Girl. The novel at first appeared to underwhelm expectations and strain the sweet $3.7 million deal extended by its proud […]

Robert Caruso And The Grey Tribe

Robert Caruso and the grey tribe: The tweets his future employers, editors, and clients should know about My latest, for @FletcherSchool‘s Fletcher Forum: the US must actively shape a new Middle East with military solutions — Robert Caruso (@robertcaruso) October 1, 2014 It was with great interest that I watched one of the security state’s more […]


WASP AS CULTURAL BELLWETHER: BP. DAVID COLIN JONES AND THE ZEITGEIST VS. SOLZHENITSYN If too many Salon articles and SPLC reports have got you doubting that liberalism is the dominant cultural force in America, listen to an Episcopalian sermon. The standard criticism of the historical WASP elite typically involves the charge of being indifferent to common people, […]

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