The Apparent Inability To Comprehend Incentives


The GamerGate fiasco has brought with it the ugly phenomenon of internet threats. If we are to take our assumptions from the media narrative, then the side that is correct at the end is the one that received the most threats, and has capitalized best on these threats.

The incentives to make threats are literally less than zero. There are only disincentives. Anyone with reasoning abilities can see this, particularly based on the proportion of anti-GG coverage devoted to the threats.

Progressives simultaneously understand and do not understand this. There have been a number of blunders where “threats” turned out to be bogus, with obvious intent to stir up public hatred for GamerGate and initiate a spiral of silence by making #GamerGate feel dirty on the tongue of most.

There are astronomical incentives to appear to be a victim of threats. This truth has been leveraged many times in the form of fake threats.

Notice the identical IDs in the image above. The unsavvy false-flagger wasn’t aware of the easy-to-miss feature of some imageboard that shows if posts come from the same IP address.

We can deduce that most threats which loudly fly the banner of GamerGate are fake, or by seriously deranged people who cannot understand simple results of actions. Any reasonable person, even a Machiavellian one trying to win an ideological war, would understand the simplest of cost and benefit.

Of course, the source of a majority of these threats isn’t as obvious as in the above image. But we can use reason and understanding of incentives to come to the conclusion that the only people with real incentives to make anti-GG threats are the anti-GG individuals themselves. So if I had to pick, I would guess that a majority of purported threats against women are from anti-GG individuals. If this is still mystifying, let’s break it down:

There are incentives to be a victim of threats by ideological opposition.

There are disincentives to make threats against ideological opposition.

Certainly some of the threats are real, and I have all the sympathy in the world for the victims. We all sleep soundly knowing that nobody is out to cause us harm and destroy our well-being. A threat, even one unlikely to become reality, can temporarily ruin your life. I understand this, I really do, and disagreeing with you on some issues doesn’t change this. Whoever these deranged individuals are that are making threats, they are not the secret weapon of GamerGate. They are, in fact, the greatest weapon of the journalists and ideologues fighting a hashtag war. After all, all of the media reports focus on the outrageous threats received. It’s a sensational phenomenon.

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And yeah, when it reads something like

Haha #GamerGate for life bitch, I am gonna rape you, war on women now prepare to die whore >:D I am a typical GamerGate supporter who likes the Patriarchy, I am a proud misogynist haha heil hitler ISIS rules

it’s pretty obvious that it’s a false flag. If you want someone to reap the benefits of being a victim without the associated costs of a real threat, dial it back a bit. Also, only progressives have a paranoid belief in a “war on women.” Just like “trickle-down economics,” it’s a term used to mischaracterize the opposition. It’s not a term that the opposition themselves take seriously.

For those in the anti-GG camp who may be reading this, I want to know: do you disagree with my take on the incentives of this situation? Did I miss something? I ask this earnestly, since I wasn’t born with the right ideas, and my opinions change a lot.

Updated: October 9, 2020 — 6:54 am
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