Month: September 2014

Hipster Capitalism And Metapolitical Hipster Fascism

As Rorschach-like interpretations of the hipster phenomenon continue to pile up, one interesting feature is that certain segment of the left is very uncomfortable with what Will Self called this week a global “seisdick shift.” The classic example is this Adbusters essay from 2008, which in a momentary lapse of concern for Western civilization, proclaimed hipsters the dead end of it, for having turned […]

Secession Lagniappe 11

secession lagniappe 11

Hope you’re not getting tired of these, but there’s a lot to keep up with. In the wake of Scotland’s vote for dependence this week, let’s revisit the Portland Declaration on subsidiarity. I’m a sucker for a good manifesto, but you ought to read the whole thing: The State is always in danger of morbidly multiplying its […]

Intellectual Bullying

intellectual bullying

INTELLECTUAL BULLYING AND THE POSTMODERN DISCOURSE OF GAMERGATE The discrediting of voices in intellectual discourse is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, when a person holds a position that is indefensible and plain wrong, they should either accept that they are wrong or have their soapbox revoked. Most of the time it isn’t this clear. Different […]

Political Influence In Virginia And All Creation U S A

Political Influence In Virginia And All Creation U S A

Bob McDonnell, governor before today’s Clinton satrap, became the first chief executive of Virginia to be convicted of a crime last week, being found guilty on 11 of 14 corruption-related charges. Now he faces prison time for his connections to Jonnie Williams, the now-retired CEO of Star Scientific, a chemical company operating somewhere close to the line between pharmaceuticals, supplements, and various other things — they […]

Towards A Neoreactionary Aesthetic

TOWARDS A NEOREACTIONARY AESTHETIC ‘Neath an eyeless sky, the inkblack seaMoves softly, utters not save a quiet soundA lapping-sound, not saying what may beThe reach of its voice a furthest bound;And beyond it, nothing, nothing knownThough the wind the boat has gently blownUnsteady on shifting and traceless groundAnd quickly away from it has flown. Allow us […]

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