Secession Lagniappe 9

Reason has a video on the Honduran ZEDEs out this week, produced by Ross Kenyon and Zach Weissmueller:

Mark Johanson in CNN on micronations:

Many like Cruickshank credit Ernest Hemingway’s younger brother Leicester with popularizing the concept in the mid-1960s when he towed an 8×30-foot bamboo raft to a spot 12 nautical miles off the southwest coast of Jamaica and declared it New Atlantis under the obscure Guano Islands Act of 1856.

He’s written on this subject before. Al Jazeera had a long spot on micronations recently too.

SON on Boko Haram declaring a caliphate.

We’re less than a month from the Scottish referendum. Here’s Alex Massie on this week’s debate:

There are plenty of holes in the SNP’s case but Darling seemed unable – most of the time – last night to point them out. So Salmond won, not just by default but because he made the more persuasive case.

And, of course, he rediscovered the importance of lyricism: “This is our time. It’s our moment. Let us do it now.” A simple but powerful message that asks Scots only to believe in themselves. Since people like the idea of believing in themselves it’s neither a daft nor a fruitless appeal. Hope still matters.

Will it be enough? Well, I would expect the Yes side to enjoy a small bounce in the polls later this week. Perhaps a couple of points improvement. Whether that lasts as long as polling day, however, is a different matter.

That seems to have happened. David Byrne comes out against.

Tony Burman on its reverberations:

Given the many dramatic and unexpected directions in which this century is heading, the ground seems to be moving beneath our feet. Regardless of the result, there are increasing signs that history may ultimately see the Sept. 18 vote in Scotland as the beginning of something transformational.

Ilya Somin against Novorossiya.

Sabah out of Malaysia!

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Merkel comes out against Catalonian secession.


Mark Baird’s speech on the steps of the California statehouse this Thursday, on Jefferson secession:

The Hawaiian Kingdom blog is a government organ:

There have been recent inquiries as to the author of the posts on this blog. The answer is that it is the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom that authorizes the postings.

Homeschooling in North Carolina has grown by 27 percent since 2011-12.

The Abbeville Institute is having its scholars conference at Liberty University on October 30.

California looks to ban the Confederate battle flag because some Assemblyman’s mother was triggered by seeing replica Confederate currency being sold in the statehouse gift shop. I’m not kidding. Here’s John McWhorter on the controversy.

Just over a week after becoming the first incumbent governor defeated in a primary in Hawaiian history, Neil Abercrombie sent a letter to the Department of the Interior, urging them to go forward with its ethno-satrapy plan for Hawaii and rejecting the claim that the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists. He blamed his loss on gay marriage, here’s a former state GOP chair on why that’s wrong.

All of the gubernatorial candidates appear to be against the Kanaiolowalu Roll. There is reportedly a movement afoot at the OHA to cashier CEO Crabbe, who wrote the letter to the State Department asking to clarify the Hawaiian Kingdom’s legal status. Related: Heritage on the DOI plan.


Nantucket neutrality, circa 1814

A secret group in Saskatchewan once mulled over secession if Quebec had decided to leave.

This is an interesting thing.

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