Month: May 2014

The Gods Of America

As an artist, I take it as read that traditional forms of art presuppose reactionary ideas and most easily transmit them. Poetry with traditional structures (rhyme, meter, fixed forms) is included here. It is not impossible for revolutionary forms to be bootstrapped in, but it is always with difficulty and feels forced. Lyricists who move […]

Isolationism Stops Creeping Gets Up Takes A Stroll Has A Smoke

Isolationism Stops Creeping Gets Up Takes A Stroll Has A Smoke

ISOLATIONISM STOPS ‘CREEPING,’ GETS UP, TAKES A STROLL, HAS A SMOKE It sure is nice to see a major politician smoke again, isn’t it? I mean, in view of the cameras. Despite an assertively rootless parochialism that may be our chief character trait, your average American Memorial Day celebrant may nonetheless find the distribution of Ukip voters in this week’s election interesting. John […]

We Live In Brazil Not 1984

It has become cliché to make comparisons of the modern world to Orwell’s 1984. Government collection of metadata means we are always being watched. Homeland Security illustrates the penetration of doublespeak in our lives. That we are engaged in a never-ending war against terrorism is analogous to having “always been at war with Eastasia.” However, despite […]

Committee For The Republics 80th Birthday Tribute To Jon Utley Video is now online of the Committee for the Republic’s tribute to American Conservative publisher Jon Utley back in March, for his 80th birthday, which I had the great pleasure of attending. If there’s ever been a meeting of the good guys in a Washington salon, this was it, featuring (quoting from the YouTube description): “John Henry, Chairman of the […]

Nicholas Wade Vs The Anthropologists

This sort of thing has a lot to do with why, if I could do it over again, I wouldn’t have bothered with anthropology. Reading a review like Jon Marks on A Troublesome Inheritance, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that refusing to consider the implications of Wade’s argument has everything to do with protecting the academic turf anthropologists have […]

Is Robert Kagan Right About America

Is Robert Kagan Right About America

In his brief 2008 review of George McKenna’s Puritan Origins of American Patriotism, Walter Russell Mead juxtaposes two interpretations of America’s Puritan inheritance; McKenna’s and that laid out by Robert Kagan in Dangerous Nation: In Dangerous Nation, Robert Kagan argues that the influence of Puritan New England in subsequent U.S. national development has been greatly exaggerated. McKenna has a very different take, […]

Croc Watch


NEW FEATURE: CROC WATCH From the humorous writings of the man who designed this blog’s namesake weapon, Da Vinci: THE CROCODILE. HYPOCRISY. This animal catches a man and straightway kills him; after he is dead, it weeps for him with a lamentable voice and many tears. Then, having done lamenting, it cruelly devours him. It is thus with the hypocrite, […]

Secession Lagniappe 2

Secession Lagniappe 2

Independence referenda began today in Donetsk and Luhansk. The U.S. will not recognize them. Earlier this week word got out that the CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamana‘opono Crabbe, had submitted a letter (pdf here) to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to clarify the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law. The trustees quickly rescinded it, and […]

Sacred Harp 112 The Last Words Of Copernicus

Ye golden lamps of heav’n, farewell, / With all your feeble light, / Farewell, thou ever changing moon, / Pale empress of the night.And thou, refulgent orb of day, / In brighter flames arrayed, / My soul which springs beyond thy sphere, / No more demands thy aid. Read : Secession Lagniappe 2 This is the one Springsteen based the melody of Wrecking […]

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