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Secession lagniappe

Independence referenda began today in Donetsk and Luhansk. The U.S. will not recognize them.

Earlier this week word got out that the CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamana‘opono Crabbe, had submitted a letter (pdf here) to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to clarify the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law. The trustees quickly rescinded it, and Crabbe’s job may be in jeopardy. Various Hawaiian nationalists have started a petition to support him, emphasizing that, “The questions posed represent the perspectives of the broader Hawaiian and Hawai‘i community and their search for justice regarding the United States supported illegal overthrow of the constitutional Hawaiian Kingdom on Jan 17th, 1893.” According to the Hawaiian Kingdom blog, one trustee has already distanced himself from the letter rescinding Crabbe’s inquiry, and OHA has a press conference scheduled tomorrow in Honolulu to address the matter.

One of the founders of the Libertarian Party of Puerto Rico calls for “micro-independence” for the territory. Chris Roth is skeptical in light of Obama’s opposition to secession and the need to get an independence referendum through Congress.

Sarawak secession is back in the news, with one lawmaker saying 75 percent of Sarawakians would opt for separation if a vote were held today. (More commentary here.) There’s been friction between the Borneo and peninsular parts of Malaysia for some time, and the disparity in development between the two has only gotten more stark since the issue cropped up in 1966.


Pat Buchanan on the War Party’s unsuccessful effort to take down Walter Jones.

Roger Busbice on the “fighting bishop” Leonidas Polk:

Louisiana seceded on January 26, 1861 with the enthusiastic support of Bishop Polk. In his homily at Christ Cathedral, he declared that secession was fully justified and indicated that, henceforth, the Book of Common Prayer would be altered to eliminate prayers for the President and Congress of the United States and that, instead, prayers would be offered for the Governor and the Legislature of Louisiana.

This edit became a source of controversy when a zealous Yankee commandant insisted the Bishop of Natchez pray for Lincoln. Bishop Elder asked for intercession from Washington, and Lincoln magnanimously intervened.

Psychedelic band blamed for Nigerian kidnapping. (Related, from the World Socialists, on AFRICOM)

We now know the name of the agent that shot Ibragim Todashev in Florida, following the Boston Marathon bombing. He appears to have an interesting history.

The Telegraph rounds up ten micronations, including Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiania, the Hutt River Principality, and the venerable Conch Republic.

Royalist protests in Bangkok

Secession lagniappe

Yuba County becomes the fourth county to join the State of Jefferson effort:

Yuba County Board of Supervisors see joining the so-called State of Jefferson and leaving California behind as a no-brainer for one big reason.

“We feel that we are nothing more than tax collectors for the state,” County Supervisor Andy Vasquez said. “We don’t count.”

Vasquez says Yuba County doesn’t get any attention or money for the issues that matter to them.

“Certain countries that type of society where you don’t have any representation and they tell you what to do and take all your money is called slavery and we seem to be worker ant’s here,” Vasquez said.

But it’s not just county leaders who want to leave California.

“All the money is being used down in L.A. for all kinds of stupid reasons and they don’t give the money here to fix the roads,” Marysville resident Phil Ross said.

“Without some separation, southern California owns northern California. They take what they want,” said Don Noblin, another Marysville resident.

Butte County is reportedly considering it as well. (I posted some photos from the surprisingly well-attended town halls in Northern California a while back, which you can see here.)

There’s a new book out by Jon D. Olsen on the U.S.’s fraudulent claim to Hawai’i, blurbed by Thomas Naylor of the Second Vermont Republic.

Venetians take to the streets for St. Mark’s Day, in a protest that might have included a ‘tank’ (converted tractor) had 24 of the alleged co-conspirators not been arrested:

Chris Roth takes a look at at separatism in Eastern Ukraine and the Caucasus:

Ultranationalist demands by ethnic Russians and their supporters in eastern Ukraine have now shifted from talk of Crimea or the Donetsk People’s Republic and are now focussing on creating a larger entity to be carved out of southern and eastern Ukraine to be calledNovorossiya, or “New Russia,” using Czarist Russia’s name for the region.  The most high-profile proponent of the idea is Pavel Gubarev, the imprisoned “people’s governor” of Donetsk, whose covertly-Kremlin-backed government-building takeover in that southeastern oblast (provincial) capital last month sparked the uprising and military confrontation in the region.  From prison in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, last week, Gubarev said that “we”—i.e. the Donetsk People’s Republic, which he considers already independent—“want to join the new federative State of Novorossiya, which will build its own relations with the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the future.”  The leadership of the neighboring “Lugansk People’s Republic” plans to join the Donetsk republic in holding the May 11th vote.  He added that plans were underway—as other Russian-backed rebels have said also—to hold an independence referendum on May 11th in Ukraine’s rebel-held regions. 

He also points out an interesting Russian report on the geography of 2035 that points to a “ultranationalist mentality” behind some of their geostrategic thinking:

In 2035 in western Europe, the report envisions, quite feasibly (see map below), independent republics in ScotlandCatalonia, the Basque Country, northern Italy, and even CorsicaSardinia, and Sicily.  Less feasibly, a reunified Ireland will become closer to Scotland than the rump United Kingdom is.  Southeastern France’s Provence region is to have become an Arab republic—something that presumably Marine Le Pen will not take lying down.  But in the Russian view this is how the French government will solve the inevitable “multicultural collapse”—by picking a region and sticking all the unassimilable Muslims there.

Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist, on the rise of secession movements:

The cold, hard truth is that smaller governments have better track records of managing their finances, as well. Critics will say that tiny countries in Central America or Africa have had issues with high interest rates and sovereign debt. However, Singapore is running budget surpluses. The countries mired in red ink are the big, imperialist powers.

Singapore, Switzerland, and others of their ilk have better things to do.

That’s why secession is a key stepping stone in the future of self-determination and sovereignty.

According to Rasmussen, two-thirds of Americans see the federal government as a special interest group looking out for itself. Consent of the governed? Pah!