Month: June 2016

Free Cities Initiative

I have enjoyed writing for the Mitrailleuse and want to thank Jordan for encouraging me to write and giving me the opportunity to post. I have decided to focus my writing on free cities and launched a blog, Free Cities Initiative to do that. If you’re interested, I hope you continue to read. Below is an excerpt from the first post.

The Free Cities Initiative is dedicated to understanding and advocating for free cities. A free city is a city with partial or complete autonomy. This blog believes that free cities can rapidly improve governance and spark economic growth in the developing world, as well as offer pockets of innovation to accelerate technological development in the developed world. While many organizations and blogs focus on cities, few consider legal autonomy, administrative organization, or the user experience of residents. Themes of this blog include trends of free cities, the autonomy of free cities, administration of cities, the history of free cities, and the user experience of city residents.