Why Bernie Sanders wants same day registration

The revolution is flaming out.

With Hillary Clinton’s decisive primary win the District of Criminals, the longshot bid of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is coming to a close. In a video chat to supporters, the irascible socialist all but declared his candidacy over and announced he’s teaming up with Wall Street courtesan Clinton to defeat populist champion Donald Trump – just as I predicted.

Sanders isn’t walking away completely empty-handed, however. He’s demanding fundamental changes to the Democrat Party platform to make it “the most progressive platform in history.”

For a socialist, Sanders sure drives a hard bargain.

His list of demands include enacting same-day voter registration, more assistance at polling locations, a timely process for counting votes, and allowing registered independents to cast ballots in the Democrat primary. Increased measures to prevent voter fraud is not mentioned, because that obviously never, ever happens.

In an earlier press conference introducing his reforms, Sanders declared, “We need major, major changes in the Democratic Party in converting it to a party of the people, welcoming working people, welcoming young people…and we need an electoral process which is worthy of the Democrats.”

After a number of shady incidents during the campaign, Sanders wants a more transparent vote-counting process. And who can blame him after facing off with the Clinton Machine? But Sanders is also insisting on making the to process to sign up and vote easier. In the past, he’s supported nation-wide automatic voter registration. Last month, his supporters sued California, trying to push the state’s voter registration deadline up to the June 7th primary date. Now Sanders wants to force states to make it simpler for new voters to sign up and cast a ballot without any prior registration.

Why the big focus on making sure any uneducated slob off the street can have a hand in picking the next United States president?

Sanders is no moron. He has a good reason for supporting easy access to the polls. And it has little to do with encouraging good citizenship or democratic participation.

The Democrats, as Steve Sailer points out, are a coalition of radical fringes. The party is composed of feminists, environment nuts, militant minorities, sexual individualists, Marxists, atheists, single parents, and bourgeoisie haters. Each has their own pet cause, but they are largely bound together by a common characteristic: a propensity for short-sightedness.

(If you’re thinking “why aren’t lower class whites included?” since they tend to have myopic dispositions, it’s because liberal white animus keeps them from voting D.)

Economists call this having a high time preference. If you favor spending your paycheck now, as opposed to incrementally over time, you value the present more than the future. In political terms, if you want direction action immediately, as opposed to a slow-moving but rational response, you value the quick fix of now and over the subtlety of later.

A key aspect of self-government is being responsible for yourself and your actions. If you are reckless and, say, rob a 7-11 or accumulate debt to get a worthless college degree, you don’t have much regard for consequences. So you end up wanting to pass the buck on to someone else; and that someone else ends up being Uncle Sam.

Can’t get a job to afford health insurance because you wasted university writing a social justice blog instead of learning practical skills? Demand the government provide Medicare for all!

This is the opposite approach the framers of the Constitution wanted voters to take when it came to governing matters. The founders were resistant to democracy because they saw it as too susceptible to the tide of popular passion, and not anchored by reason. “Public Virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private,” John Adams wrote, “and public Virtue is the only Foundation of Republics.”

Morally rotten people are inevitably lorded over by a morally rotten government. And an ill-informed citizenry elects ignorant politicians who peddle bunk ideas.

Bernie Sanders understands that those who wait until the last second to vote have a high time preference. They don’t plan out their lives well in advance. If they had any sense of responsibility, they would register to vote ahead of time, and study the foundations of America’s constitutional order. He’s counting on their selfishness to take precedent over any predilection for public good.

By eliminating waiting periods for voter registration, Senator Sanders is encouraging rash decision making. That makes sense when you consider his envy-driven, goody-rich platform: Higher taxes on the rich, free public college, free health care, and loosening up law enforcement. These positions are all popular among the public, but the public as a whole doesn’t vote. Potential voters tend to be too caught up in their daily living to spend an hour or two researching candidates and making an informed decision in the voting booth. And how can you blame them when Game of Thrones just had a big twist?

Sanders, and the Democrats as a whole, desire mass democracy because democracy delivers liberal results. It’s as simple as that.

The progressive plan for same-day voter registration is an enemy of the republic and the GOP would be wise to oppose it. But, like most issues, they’ll probably cave and accept the Democrats’ demands to open the voter floodgates to a torrent of ignorance.  

It will then be much harder to stop America from descending further into a self-indulgent Gomorrah.

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