Future things II


  • There will be a television show called something like “Cocaine Debates” that’s a lot like debate shows nowadays, except everyone involved will be on cocaine. This will happen with or without drug legality in any given jurisdiction due to the internationalization and decentralization of broadcasting.
  • Tongue-in-cheek pressure groups and non-profits will become common. For example, I can see a group that exists with the half-ironic mission of fighting the influence of DreamWorks’ Minions in popular culture. People will donate money out of a mixture of a serious desire to further the cause and as a “this is hilarious and out there lol” gesture.
  • The Minions question will become a class issue approximating Donald Trump’s candidacy, but way more complicated. Elites in New York and Washington will pooh-pooh them, but this cultured disgust will be tempered by the fact that fashionable victim groups, like single mothers or something, will be strongly pro-minion.
  • Apps like Tinder will be the only legal way to approach a woman, due to clever tech lobbyists capitalizing on street harassment/”rape culture” hysteria. Mark Zuckerberg will probably be behind this.


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