There is no such thing as left-wing dissent part II

Google had an interesting Doodle a few days ago.

Before I looked into it, I didn’t know much about Yuri Kochiyama besides the fact that she was some kind of left-wing radical. After I saw the Doodle, I did some Wikipediaing and found out that she’s not only a Maoist — one of the worst kinds of left-wing radical — she’s an Osama Bin Laden supporter.

That’s about as extreme as you can get in the left-wing direction, leading the naive observer to assume that people who hold these beliefs are engaging in the dangerous activity known as dissent.

Groovy. But wait a second — this person was just honored by the second-largest corporation in the world. So we are simultaneously expected to believe that this person is a bold iconoclast while also never questioning what icons are being smashed, no matter how horrifyingly bloody the smashing is.

I previously wrote that classifying left-wing beliefs as “dissent”is a category error, and that conclusion is becoming more and more obvious.

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