Self-segregation and a third world invasion

A curious thing is taking place in the West. Two opposing forces are coming to a head, the effect of which could be disastrous or salutary, depending on your view.

First the bad news: There is a conscious effort afoot to overrun the First World with Third World immigrants. Popular commentary sites talk openly about how whites must be forced into subservience. Refugee advocates threaten to overwhelm nation-state borders “until Europe will turn black.” Political leaders are intransigent about their open border views, despite the culture clash they engender. In America, Mexican wall jumpers openly brag about “owning” states.

The audacity of this insidious invasion would make Jean Raspail blush.

While the West’s political leadership seems hellbent on putting out the welcome mat for barbarians, another concurrent trend is happening. It is far less pronounced, but it’s taking shape nonetheless.

I’m referring to what John Derbyshire calls “segregation lite.” Across the country, minorities are demanding protection from assimilation with others races. These agitators for apartheid are overturning the gains of the civil rights movement – which, given the country’s increase in racial strife, may not be a terrible thing.

To add to the irony, liberalism’s big project of a racially diverse and harmonious society is coming apart in places where leftist ideology is most prevalent: the university and Hollywood.

At Oberlin College – the most progressive of progressive schools – the black student union is demanding “exclusive safe spaces for black students” including “designated rooms” in residence halls. The University of Connecticut is establishing blacks-only dorm rooms to “to groom, nurture, and train the next generation of leaders to address grand challenges in society through the promotion of academic success.”

These are not isolated incidents. Black students are demanding their own living spaces at universities such as UCLA, NYU, and Berkeley. Claremont Review of Books editor William Voegeli wonders if these universities “must also provide safe drinking fountains for Africana identifying students’ community-specific hydration needs.”

The entertainment industry is following higher ed’s lead. Though it ended in 2007, the Tree of Life Awards, aka “the Black Oscars,” may soon be resuscitated. The hubbub over the all-white pool of nominated actors at this year’s Oscars awards is inspiring talk of bringing back the colored-only award ceremony. Not to be outdone by cinema, cocksure retarded rapper Kanye West is asking that white publications like Rolling Stone and the New York Times refrain from commenting on “black music.”

I guess the same folks who heap praise upon quintessential white girl Taylor Swift are incapable of judging self-proclaimed geniuses like West appropriately.

The furtive movement to re-segregate American society among racial lines is not a novel development. It actually follows from the pattern American elites have set over the past four decades.

Sociologist Charles Murray has documented the increasing divide between rich, well-off Americans from the rest of the country. “For a half-century, America’s elite universities have drawn the most talented people from all over the country, socialized them and often married them off to each other,” Murray writes in a recent article. The people “who shape the country’s economy, politics and culture” have removed themselves from the riffraff of the lower-middle class. They have walled off their existence via gates communities, 24-hour-security apartments, and club-like universities and businesses that bar entry for the unwashed masses.

The brain drain (or suction) to America’s elite caste has left the middle and lower class without adept individuals to serve as aspirational figures in their places of birth. “Talented, ambitious young people tend to move up and out,” writes R.R. Reno, “encouraged by an inclusive elite that is eager to draw into itself those whom, two generations ago, would have been kept out of the establishment.” The result is that communities are deprived of “their natural leaders.”

As third worlders threaten invasion, men and women of the First World are shutting their doors. The rich are closing themselves off from their poorer counterparts. Universities are demarcating along racial lines. Musical artists and movie stars are demanding exclusion over inclusion. In Europe, movements have arisen to shut off the free flow of Muslim refugees in their countries.

If the progressive dream of a multicultural society living under a universal code of civil conduct is coming to an end, what does that mean for foreigners who mean to overwhelm the West, and specifically America?

Despite what the history books say, the American ethos of arms-wide-open immigration and equality before the law is not normal. In fact, it’s quite alien when accounting for history. Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has already discovered what we all know implicitly: Diversity leads to less societal trust. You don’t need rapefugees running amuck in Cologne, Germany, to understand that some people are just better off not living around each other.

As more and more strangers enter our land, expect the re-segregation trend to pick up. Liberal elites talk a good game about compassion and inclusion. But they are just as frightened of the unfamiliar as the lowly proles they mock.

We may be regressing away from the liberal ideals of humanity living in harmony. Or we may just be reverting back to normal.
Sadly, Europe may already be lost. If America has a chance of surviving, it will depend upon the next president finally plugging the holes in our loose immigration system.

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