Feminism has no predictive power

Feminism is a nonsense idea because it has no predictive power.

A great example is the a priori belief that there is nothing essential about gender in human beings. We’re all supposed to believe that gender roles are the product of socialization.

How exactly do feminists arrive at a conclusion like this? That isn’t clear, but it’s probably just that they, you know, wanted this to be the case. What is clear that such a belief isn’t true.

There’s lots of ways to prove that such a belief is bullshit, but my favorite is a study about toy preferences among male and female rhesus monkeys strong paralleling those of human boys and girls.

Socialization processes, parents, or peers encouraging play with gender specific toys are thought to be the primary force shaping sex differences in toy preference. A contrast in view is that toy preferences reflect biologically determined preferences for specific activities facilitated by specific toys. Sex differences in juvenile activities, such as rough and tumble play, peer preferences, and infant interest, share similarities in humans and monkeys. Thus if activity preferences shape toy preferences, male and female monkeys may show toy preferences similar to those seen in boys and girls. We compared the interactions of 34 rhesus monkeys, living within a 135 monkey troop, with human wheeled toys and plush toys. Male monkeys, like boys, showed consistent and strong preferences for wheeled toys, while female monkeys, like girls, showed greater variability in preferences. Thus, the magnitude of preference for wheeled over plush toys differed significantly between males and females. The similarities to human findings demonstrate that such preferences can develop without explicit gendered socialization. We offer the hypothesis that toy preferences reflect hormonally influenced behavioral and cognitive biases which are sculpted by social processes into the sex differences seen in monkeys and humans.

Also, check this out.

A new study finds that young females in one group of African chimpanzees use sticks as dolls more than their male peers do, often treating pieces of wood like a mother chimp caring for an infant. In human cultures around the world, girls play with dolls and pretend that the toys are babies far more than boys do.

Ape observations, collected over 14 years of field work with the Kanyawara chimp community in Kibale National Park, provide the first evidence of a nonhuman animal in the wild that exhibits sex differences in how it plays, two primatologists report in the Dec. 21 Current Biology. This finding supports a controversial view that biology as well as society underlies boys’ and girls’ contrasting toy preferences.

Young male Kanyawara chimps occasionally used sticks to mimic child care. Far more often, they fought with sticks, an infrequent behavior among females, say Sonya Kahlenberg of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and Richard Wrangham of Harvard University.

“Although play choices of young chimps showed no evidence of being directly influenced by older chimps, young females tended to carry sticks in a manner suggestive of doll use and play-mothering,” Wrangham says.

The monkey patriarchy is real, and it’s dangerous.


  1. Precisely. There are so many things about the world that, for lack of a better way to put it, hurt our feelings. But it is a child who pretends that these hurtful things simply do not exist. Embrace the pain – humans have evolved over countless eons to be just as they are, gender included. That does not end because you find it personally inconvenient. Loved the article, particularly the chimp example which I have researched myself and come to the same conclusion. Thanks.


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