Will Trump save us from political correctness?

Reprinted from the Press and Journal

Is Donald Trump slaying the beast of political correctness?

That’s what the Washington Post contends. In a piece titled “Why Trump may be winning the war on ‘political correctness’”, reporters Karen Tumulty and Jenna Johnson get to the heart of why the real estate mogul has won the allegiance of frustrated, disaffected Americans.

The reason is understandable: Normal people living paycheck to paycheck have no time for feeling-friendly language. They’re tired of being told to mend their ways by haughty academics and journalists. So they turn to the most brash man on the national stage.

Cathy Cuthberson, a 63-year-old retiree interviewed by Tumulty and Johnson, says that Trump is acting as a voice to “what a lot of Americans are thinking but are afraid to say because they don’t think that it’s politically correct.”

It’s true that no man or woman in the current presidential field speaks their mind quite like Trump. From accusing illegal immigrants of being criminally-inclined (stats from the Government Accountability Office and Department of Justice bear this out) to calling for a blanket ban on Muslim migration to the United States, the billionaire reality TV star has dared to go where few, if any, politicians have gone before.

And it works.

The Donald’s poll numbers vastly outpace his Republican competitors. In a recent CNN/ORC poll, Trump only loses to Hillary Clinton within the margin of error.

Clearly, Donald Trump’s no holds barred personality jives with America. He has a genuineness that can’t be stymied – just ask Rick Perry or Scott Walker.

But with so much popularity, does Donald Trump really have political correctness in a headlock? Will he issue the final blow to the hypersensitivity that is crippling American discourse?

I say: Fat chance.

The country’s elites are infatuated with the never-offend-anybody ethos. Big business blindly praises diversity. Government enforces tolerance in the public sphere, hoping it rubs off into private life. Academia has been taken over by thin-skinned brats who shudder at the thought of hearing ideas different from their own.

In short, the ruling class swears on the book of political correctness.

Should the trend continue, it won’t just mean the end of America as we know it, but the West as a whole. Consider recent events.

The shootings in San Bernardino can be directly traced back to pervasive political correctness. A local CBS affiliate reported that a neighbor of shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik didn’t contact authorities about suspicious behavior for fear of racial profiling. That apprehension to speak up cost fourteen Americans their lives.

It gets worse across the pond.

Last year in the British town of Rotherham, a widespread sex ring headed by men of Pakistani origin was uncovered. These men sexually abused over 1,000 white girls over the course 15 years. British police and social workers ignored signs of sexual exploitation because they didn’t want to intrude on a foreign culture, despite said culture existing under British law. No government official was reprimanded.

Over New Year’s, a group of men of Arab and African descent accosted and groped women in Cologne, Germany. The refugee crisis, which has brought hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern men to European shores, is threatening to bifurcate Germany into two cultural classes: one abiding by traditional Western values and another to Islamic theology.

So what do German authorities do to calm the tensions of incompatible lifestyles?

Berlin is ramping up its efforts to limit hate speech online, and the Mayor of Cologne is warning women not to dress provocatively in front of their new denizens.

This should work out about as well as a Pennsylvania Amish family living in Shanghai.

Donald Trump may appear powerful with his financial independence and legions of followers. But he’s unique in a country held hostage by leftist ideology. His campaign for the White House won’t stop the endless indignation of social justice warriors. A larger push will be required.

Thankfully, there is still one weapon left to fight the scourge of political correctness.

In an interview with Sp!ked magazine, British philosopher Roger Scruton decried the closing of the intellectual mind brought on by thin-skinned dolts. Even when pressed up against the wall, Scruton urged the conservation of western liberties like free speech. This plea for freedom, he admits, “isn’t a perfectly reasonable thing to say or a possible thing to say in public any more.”

But even so, Scruton declares, “I don’t care any more.”

That’s precisely the attitude opponents of political correctness should take when it comes to protecting the right to express themselves freely.

Apathy can be a powerful tool in the hands of the everyman. The humorless PC regime does not deserve a pledge of allegiance. If it’s ignored long enough, it will fade away like acid wash jeans and glam rock.

So the next time someone scoffs at you for saying something off-color or crude, turn the other cheek and ignore them. That way, you’ll enjoy the last laugh.

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