Reactionary gay rights

Here’s a great exchange in the comment section of a post over at Slate Star Codex.

One commenter (who earlier identified as queer) marveled at the breakneck speed that culture and policy is moving to the left, and worried about things snapping back in the opposite direction.

No joke. Cthulhu swims left and all that, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m in Weimar Berlin. The future is unknown territory. But it’s probably just me being paranoid

Another user noted that he might also have to worry about the trend continuing on its current trajectory.

Alternatively, if Cthulhu will swim left fast enough, you could see the Overton Window swoosh above your head and leave you far behind. For example:

Gay marriage could be banned, because all marriage will be banned. The next generation will consider the idea of marriage just as horrible as slavery (or even worse).

Progressives may throw gays under the bus because, after all, they are men, and supporting any kind of men’s rights would be misogynist. Mentioning gay rights online will mostly get you an ironic “yeah, what about teh poor oppressed menz” and a ban. Gay rights websites will be classified as hate speech and will be illegal. Gays will be described in media as men who hate women so much that they even refuse to have sex with them.

Yeah, today both of these examples seem silly, but that’s the point.

Apparently not so silly, since an Oxford student association actually did attack gay men for being the SJW’s version of class enemies, as a third commenter pointed out.

Pretty sure the National Union of Students here in the UK has accused gays of benefiting from male privilege. Or, as one senior member put it, “Fuck privileged gays”.

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