Month: November 2015

In the Republican debate Marco Rubio implied he would shoot down Russian jets over Syria

Last night during the Republican debate Marco Rubio and several other Republican candidates argued for a no fly zone over Syria. Part of the context of the no fly zone was standing up to Putin. Imagine this conversation between President Rubio (or Hillary or any of the candidates supporting a no fly zone) and Putin.

Rubio: Hi Putin, we’re going to establish a no fly zone in Syria

Putin: OK…?

Rubio: Please remove any air support you have been giving the Syrian Army. From now on, coordinate with American forces if you want to bomb ISIS

Putin: We will continue flying our planes

What does Rubio do? Does he threaten to shoot them down? Does he actually shoot down Russian planes? Does he back down? Rubio is leading in the prediction markets for the Republican nod. Hillary is leading for the Democratic nod. The people most likely to be president next year are saying they would enforce a no fly zone in Syria, implying they would shoot down Russian planes to do so. This should scare you.

Reclaiming the metaphysical battlefield

Dismayed by the Left’s continual series of cultural victories over the Right? Wondering what options are left to fight back, besides leaving the country?

I propose a battle strategy in my Taki’s Mag piece today. An excerpt:

As the U.S. succumbs to gender madness at home, unapologetic masculinity is taking off abroad. Russia’s strongman president Vladimir Putin openly trashes the moral relativism of the West while standing up for traditional values. China just eliminated its one-child-per-family policy in order to assuage its growing population of unmarried men. The Middle East is being overrun with an Islamic caliphate that practices Sharia law and encourages patriarchal family structure.

Our adversaries are proudly aligning themselves with patriarchy. Perhaps it’s time for the country that whipped the Nazis and put Soviet communism in the grave to rediscover its spine and get back to traditional gender roles.

So how do we begin to reverse the damage done by the left’s deranged view of biological reality?

The answer is easy: start being men and women again. Okay, you might say, but what does that mean, exactly?

Read the rest here. And make sure to read the comments. Some snarky interlocutors say I have no business giving manly advice when I resemble a metrosexual beta male – not an inaccurate observation!

Also check out my Taki’s piece from last week on why the government hates conservatives and wants them to drop dead. It’s a real pick-me-up!