Refugee cities

I wrote a piece for Medium arguing that refugee cities could help solve the European refugee crisis. Long story short, more immigration would be best, but is politically impossible. Next best solution, build new cities on uninhabited Greek island. There is already funding. All Greece needs to do is get out of the way. Here’s a sample.

With that in mind, innovative solutions are required. Accepting more refugees is appealing on humanitarian grounds but objectionable to traditionalists in many countries throughout Europe, and to workers who have seen no wage growth and few new employment opportunities since the financial crisis of 2008. One pioneering solution, which several groups and individuals are advocating, is to create a semi-autonomous city in the Mediterranean for refugees. Importantly, the refugees would be allowed to work and own property and businesses, producing value and thus ensuring the city did not become a giant refugee camp. At the same time, refugees would be prevented from entering the rest of Europe, making the city politically acceptable.

One comment

  1. What makes you think a dozen ethnic and religious groups who couldn’t get along in Syria and Iraq would get along after being dumped on a Greek island? Add Turks, Somalians, Malians, and countless other refugees and immigrants and it would be a complete disaster. This is the problem with David Brooksian “Big Idea” wishful thinking: you ludicrously believe that people will think, act, and live like you do if they are blessed with your big idea.


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