Mike Church is off XM, go sign up for his new online radio channel

Just listened to the King Dude’s final broadcast on Sirius XM, the company has parted ways with the longest-running host on satellite radio, and given the morning show on the Patriot network to Breitbart’s Steve Bannon, who wants to be a mouthpiece for a “nationalist” movement. Breitbart’s Falange has outmaneuvered the Carlist King Dude (Mike being, as a good Louisianan, affectionate toward the Bourbons).

Over the last two years, his show has become more Catholic and less what you might call a typical conservative talk show. And this morning he made no apologies for that, saying,

“What began two years ago and culminates today is the future of Western civilization, and the future of Western civilization as it expresses itself in broadcast media and in civil government. What’s being denied now, and I will continue to carry this on, and will not change one solitary iota, is the order of our discussion in political and civil affairs is backwards. The order that we have placed it in in the last two years is correct.”

“It has been my great pleasure and eternal joy to reverse that order … The order you’ve heard it here on this show is correct. It’s not my order. … The order everyone else has put them in is incorrect. Putting them in order is the proper thing to do, it’s the humble thing to do. For those who say [we] should have stuck with the Constitution talk, we never stopped.”

You can listen to the whole final show here.

Mike posted a note to his fan page from a listener that reads:

Before Mike Church:
Was a Republican
Listened to Rush
Listened to Levin
Read Fiction Primarily
Voted for and Loved W
Chanted USA, USA, USA
Did not listen to Mike Church

After Listening to Mike Church:
Read and follow Dr. Kevin Gutzman
Read and follow Tom Woods
Read and follow Brad Birzer
Follow The Paul’s
Am now a Libertarian
Little [r]epublican
Don’t listen to Rush
Don’t listen to Levin
Don’t watch, listen to or read the news
Read History and about our Founders
Anti War
Don’t chant USA
Am more of a gentleman
More Informed

This is why Mike and his show are important, and why you should support his new venture. Read the comments here too. I don’t think it’s putting it too strongly to say he’s the only talk radio host who cares about the souls of his listeners. If you don’t know his whole story, read Michael Brendan Dougherty’s 2011 profile, and his recent interview with David Simpson at the Saint Benedict Center.

Also, I should mention my gratitude to Paul DeMilio, Mike’s producer, for being tireless, encouraging, and flexible during the times I’ve been in studio as a guest or filling in. Sirius is lucky to have him.

Mike’s new Internet-based channel launches November 11, stay tuned and see details here. In order for this to work, he needs more subscribers, so I encourage you to sign up for a Founders Pass.

I’ll continue to do Our Man in Mordor biweekly on Wednesdays at 11 on the new network, and look for some of Mike’s columns, both at OnePeterFive and the Daily Caller. Onward!


  1. His show has changed me in so many ways. I am now reading Lord Chesterfield for the second time and because of him I have read many of Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Hazlitt, and many more. I have a few of his DVD that we use for our home school group. I know I am just one voice here but… I will miss him on XM. I agree with the posted fan letter, I went through that transition as well…

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  2. I only found out today what happened to Mike. Obviously, I’m not a “constant” listener as whether I could listen depended on when I was in my vehicle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed his show and appreciated the knowledge he and his guests passed alone (even those I didn’t completely agree with! LOL).

    XM has gone staidly downhill ever since Sirus bought them and I’m finding fewer and fewer reasons to continue to use them; this juts adds a big new reason to go ahead and “pull the plyg” on satellite radio!

    Thanks to Mike for all his hard work and hopefully; I’ll catch his new show to continue my education. 🙂

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  3. Hmm, I may go ahead and reactivate my radio. I love conservative talk radio but Church is a total wannabe more interested in making himself look smart than displaying sound conservative logic. His foxhole mentality no doubt derives from continually trying to defend arguments that are basically stolen and poorly argued.


  4. Mike church, although one entertaining, was booted because he alienated the majority of his audience once he decided to become the shock jock of catholicism.
    I appreciate that Sirius replaced him. His ratings must have been abysmal. Something to listen to in commute now.


  5. Sad face – I was all set to order this, but unfortunately the lovely people at Galison had to tell me shipping was 35 or 65 dollars (depending on the shipping option), which is too much of a stretch for me :(I might look at having one shipped to a US friend or something, and asking her to forward it… Or maybe shipping from Mexico will work out for me! 🙂


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