Good targets for the trolling contest

Last month we announced our trolling contest. Wondering who to skewer with satire? Here are some links to the submission section of publications:

Tech/Gaming Websites (#gamergate!)

Righty Websites

Obviously you’re going to want to be in line with the usual style and content of the websites, so do a bit of research. They’re also going to want to know about you, so either actually be someone who could reasonably believe what you’re writing, or make up a believable bio that can’t be proven fake with Google. Since a lot of them publish based on qualifications, a believable bio, pedigree and paper trail would be necessary.

If you think any other sites should be up here, let me know in a comment.


  1. A word of advice: submit to Australian websites. When it comes to leftism, what seems like over-the-top satire to Americans would be perfectly normal to Australians.

    Some Australian websites to submit to:

    Daily Life


    The Hoopla

    Eureka Street


    ABC (The Drum or Religion & Ethics)

    The Australian Independent Media Network

    New Matilda

    The Guardian (Comment is Free)

    No Fibs

    The Overland

    The Australian left is unbelievably extreme, authoritarian, and Stalinist. No satire could ever be as ridiculous as the Australian left actually is.


  2. The Root
    Nation Magazine
    Daily Kos
    Russian Times
    Rolling Stone
    Mother Jones
    Media Matters


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