Alt-right blog reading list: How do you read?

Sorry for the minimum of posting lately, y’all, I’m working on my talk for this Thursday at Jack Ross’s book release at the National Press Club. It should be quite an evening, so be sure to make it if you’re in the DC area.

It’s April, which means on the 24th, this blog will have existed for one year. To date there have been 302 posts, and traffic, though it’s stalled recently, has been on the up and up. So please, dear reader, forgive the retrospection and stats.

I thought it would be a good idea to update the reading list of blogs and websites I read. I last did this in December 2013, and my reading habits have expanded and changed a great deal since then, so there are more than 40 links this time. Roughly speaking I get news in three ways; aggregator sites, social media, and blogs. Timely news I mostly get through the first two, and then the rest is heavily curated by ideology or personality. What strikes me about this kind of news diet is one doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on an individual site. I don’t, say, skim the top dozen papers every morning, which, if I’ve been paying attention to social media, mostly contain old information. Some aggregators I use frequently are, Memeorandum, and the Drudge Report. Anyway, here’s the list, I welcome feedback and recommendations:

The Imaginative Conservative

Front Porch Republic
Nomocracy in Politics
Pittsford Perennialist
Throne, Altar, Liberty
The Heavy Anglo-Orthodox
Hipster Conservative
A Conservative Blog For Peace
The Mendenhall
Chris Bray
Solidarity Hall
Outside the Beltway

Ace of Spades
Libertarian Republican
A Certain Enthusiasm

The Beacon
Students for Liberty
Tenth Amendment Center
Market Urbanism
Library of Law & Liberty
Liberty Unbound

Freddie DeBoer
Anarchist News
Socialist Worker
Democratic Left
Outside the Circle
Murray Dobbin
Steve Lendman
Political Research Associates
Revolting Europe
Rancid Honeytrap
New Internationalist
Red Pepper

Cosmos the in Lost
Outside The Asylum
Ordinariate News
Anglican Use News
Ordinariate Pilgrim
Foolishness To The World
New Liturgical Movement
Caelum Et Terra
Opus Publicum
Fr. Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment
Fr. Ray Blake
Fr. Z
Standing on my Head
The Josias
Rorate Caeli
Titus One Nine
That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill


Springtime of Nations
Let a Thousand Nations Bloom
Hawaiian Kingdom
Jefferson Declaration Blog

Via Meadia
The National Interest
Oxford American

The Reactivity Place
Bloody Shovel
A House With No Child
Free Northerner
Henry Dampier
28 Sherman
Losing The Creek
The Orthosphere
Social Matter
Anomaly UK

Across Difficult Country
Street Carnage
Garvey’s Ghost
Arma Virumque
Steve Sailer
Never Yet Melted
Royal World
Modern Medievalism
Uncouth Reflections
Sweet Talk
Dark Ecologies
People of Shambhala
Slate Star Codex
Hooded Utilitarian
Ecology Without Nature

West Hunter
Razib Khan
William M. Briggs

Old Virginia Blog
Mad Monarchist

Jake Bacharach
The Fly Bottle
3 Quarks Daily
Luke Ford
Dangerous Minds

Bearing Drift
Deo Vindice
Shaun Kenney
Virginia Conservative
Virginia Virtucon
Ox Road South
Shenandoah Breakdown

Update: I should add, the fourth way I get news is newsletters, which are a bull market these days. The Transom, Prufrock, Politico Playbook, and those by individual writers (Chris Morgan just started one, subscribe here). There used to be a great CQ defense one that is now defunct.


  1. MRDA’s Inferno, written by a sometimes Street Carnage contributor, is always very entertaining. (and absolutely not worksafe at all)

    Trigger Warning, the current stomping grounds of the one-and-only Rachel Haywire, can also be heartily recommended… or does it count as cheating since Andrea Castillo writes for both that side and The Mitrailleuse?


  2. A gamergate veteran here, with a request: Can you explain why Social Justice Warriors have become a thing over the last, say 2-3 years. It really seems like a lot of formerly neutral or left leaning websites are in a civil war over the sudden shift to radical, authoritarian leftism. Do you know what could have caused this to erupt so suddenly?

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    1. According to Scott Alexander, it’s that politics are to some extent basically fashion. Back in the 2000s the hip thing was Robert Nozick-style right-wing libertarianism, after Occupy Wall Street it became fashionable to be progressive and concerned with social justice. Now that this means more and more dogmatic badly argued discourse is coming from the left, the pendulum is swinging back right but not quite to the same corner.

      Rachel Haywire, on the other hand, suggests that it’s less the culture at large becoming more left-wing as much as the same technocratic elite that used to invoke right-wing ideals now having successfully assimilated and co-opted the language and trappings of the progressive left while pursuing the exact same practical agenda as before.

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    2. The SJW phenomenon is a signaling spiral, but with a peculiar quality. It is built on a game of supposedly radical (and therefore cool and edgy) politics without the actual consequences of radicalism, which are being a pariah and having no dominant institutions backing you up. As long as the same dominant institutions/cultural assumptions that back you up also pretend that they themselves are not dominant, you can occupy a safe space where your ideas can replicate in a rhetorical space that is 100% safe and even de rigeur, while also having the allure of the rebel trying to take down the evil empire. Communication technology that act as efficient skinner boxes of reinforcement is probably to blame for it being pretty recent. Twitter and tumblr are the two major ones, I think.


      1. Building off the second article I linked to, it might in the other words just be Radical Chic 2.0. (I assume you’ve read that Tom Wolfe book?)


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