Guest hosting The Mike Church Show Wednesday 3/18

Mike’s been kind enough to have me back on to fill in for him Wednesday, listen in if you’re a Sirius XM subscriber. The show runs from 6-9 AM, on Patriot 125. I will update this post with a schedule of guests as I firm it up.

Update: The guest list for Wednesday, starting at 6:30, will be attorney Ian Smith on the state of challenges to Obama’s executive amnesty, Betsy Woodruff and Ellen Carmichael on the Glenn Beck/Grover Norquist feud and the Catholic vote, Phil Magness on he and Bob Murphy’s much-heralded debunking of Piketty, Trevor Burrus on the raisin cartel, closing out with a half-hour jaw session on Hillary Clinton’s various scandals with TheDC’s own Vince Coglianese and Chuck Ross.

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