Nomination for the most Moldbuggian sentence of 2014

From the blog of Fr. John Hunwicke, a scholar and Ordinariate priest, in a great twoparter:

English atheists … often have minds befuddled by a world view which is little other than the old, ranting, Fox’s-Martyrs-in-a-sauce-of-Charles-Kingsley-with-a-dash-of-Kensit Protestantism, all in the reassuring clothing of a friendly atheistical sheep.

Mark pointed out to me recently that Murray Rothbard had similar thoughts about how postwar secular morality is essentially a kind of godless protestantism, but “Rothbardian” seems to mean a different thing these days.


  1. “Let me start with one example: the old Liberal Protestant superstition, such a comfort to the anti-Catholic mind, was that the Eucharist started as a simple fellowship meal which, probably under the influence of Hellenistic Mystery cults, was perverted into the Catholic Mass.”

    I beleive I just recevied the inspiration for my next “pop occultism” post.

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  2. Would you not, Bart, agree that BI dogma is exclusive by nature?You may not agree with the sentiment, but if, as Marty believes, we need someone at the ExCom who will work with the disparate SBC groups and types, does that not by definition exclude a strict BI-type person?Honestly, I know this comes across way more confrontational than I mean it. I may try to get your address off the internet and send you a dozen red roses – if I can find a sale.


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