Nomination for the most Moldbuggian sentence of 2014

From the blog of Fr. John Hunwicke, a scholar and Ordinariate priest, in a great twoparter:

English atheists … often have minds befuddled by a world view which is little other than the old, ranting, Fox’s-Martyrs-in-a-sauce-of-Charles-Kingsley-with-a-dash-of-Kensit Protestantism, all in the reassuring clothing of a friendly atheistical sheep.

Mark pointed out to me recently that Murray Rothbard had similar thoughts about how postwar secular morality is essentially a kind of godless protestantism, but “Rothbardian” seems to mean a different thing these days.


  1. “Let me start with one example: the old Liberal Protestant superstition, such a comfort to the anti-Catholic mind, was that the Eucharist started as a simple fellowship meal which, probably under the influence of Hellenistic Mystery cults, was perverted into the Catholic Mass.”

    I beleive I just recevied the inspiration for my next “pop occultism” post.

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