Two-dimensional spectrum of political media

Update: An updated version of the chart can be found here.
This is an effort to chart where media outfits fall not only in terms of left-right slant, but their how restrained or bombastic they are.

Factors on the “Reasonable/Restrained – Insane/Bombastic” spectrum include:

  • What they cover: Covering trivial/overcovered matters makes you negative and covering important things pushes you towards positive.
  • Clickbait and listacles = negative.
  • Level-headedness of tone = positive.
  • Attack-style pieces = negative.

Factors on the “Left – Right” spectrum include studies of trust and bias, as well as self-description and consensus among those who suggest placement on the chart to me. You can pinpoint the “left-rightness” of an outfit by looking at where the first letter is, not the middle or last letter.



If you want something added or think something is out of place, leave a comment or send a tweet to @robert_mariani.


  1. If /pol/ is on there, you ought to add GLP. It’s filled with alarmists and has a thriving community of schizophrenics. I’d say /pol/ is far more reasonable. GLP has a serious tone but reasonable discussion is impossible. /pol/ on the other hand seems to have a more savvy and secure userbase. At the same time /pol/ has a very high learning curve and so to the untrained eye it appears a total zoo where nothing of value occurs.


  2. I’m curious where you would place Spiked Online, since their ideological loyalty appears to be to a very strange syncretism between the Trotskyite Old Left and the classical liberalism which today is associated mostly with the right.


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