Atomic Country Gospel

In lieu of a Sacred Harp post this week, this really needs to be plugged.

They’re a terrifying sight as they fly on day and night
It’s a warning that we’d better mend our ways
You’d better pray to the Lord when you see those flying saucers
It may be the coming of the Judgment Day

They were at Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and old Pasco
Working in a downpour of rain
In that zero hour seeking out some heavenly power
While the Star Spangled Banner was being played

There’s an army who can conquer
All the enemy’s great band
It’s the regiment of Christians
Guided by the Savior’s hand
When the mushrooms of destruction
Fall in all it’s fury great
God will surely save His children
From that awful awful fate

And lastly, not exactly relevant but I feel like it’s very much in the spirit of the thing:

Under the X in Texas is where you’ll find me, it’s where I’ll be,
Singing out the songs, warnin’ the world of the perils to come.
With a cloud by day and a cloud by night.
Forced out of the garden of earthly delights
And one by one the states will know as they crumble like Jericho, from Canada to Mexico
that Texas is the rock to lift you up when the words collide.
With the angels to guard and the angels to guide, upon this truth you can rely.
So take two steps toward Texas tonight.

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