Salondotcom linkfest

A week ago, just before the account was returned to us, I went on the Rick Amato show to talk about the suppression of @salondotcom. Quite happy to be introduced as “definitely not a jagoff”:

I forgot to mention that it was probably Salon that reported us, but what can you do. Here’s a round-up of news coverage, after the jump:

The Federalist: “QUIZ: Parody Or Actual Article?

Newsweek: “#FreeSalonDotCom: The Right Wing Fight to Restore a Suspended Parody Twitter

National Review: “@Salondotcom Ironist in Chief on Twitter Policy: ‘Where’s the Fun in That?’

Daily Caller: “WTH: Twitter Suspends @Salondotcom

Mediaite: “Meet the Guys Behind the Hilarious Salon Parody Twitter Account

Twitchy: “Fans rise up in support of suspended parody account: #FreeSalonDotCom

Reason: “Free Salondotcom! Twitter Shuts Down Hilarious Salon Parody Account

Ed Driscoll: “Free Salondotcom!

Technology Tell: “Salondotcom Twitter is a note-perfect parody of Salon

Rod Dreher: “#FreeSalonDotCom” and “@SalonDotCom, I Love You

Legal Insurrection: “@Salondotcom lives on in the heart of @Salon

Twitchy: “ parody account free at last, tweets hard lessons from Twitter jail

National Journal: “Two Parody Twitter Accounts That Perfectly Explain U.S. Politics

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